Motionless Tug


Push me, Shove me, Move me, Tug me.  Encourage me to look down the dark, narrow tunnel and see the light at the end and beyond. Guide me through obstacles and widen my path, not of least resistance, but of strength and conviction. Encourage me to end up with an escape route, not a death trap.

Motionless Tug

A little of this, a little of that, and alot of me

Burned trees at the Wetlands

If you wrote on my soul with indelible ink, it would make a lasting impression.



Being observant and an anticipator thrills me. If it drive others nuts. My job is done.



Movement is activity “weather” it’s in the mind or muscle. Stay active, my friends.


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What are you rushing to or rushing from?


 Get Over It!

I expected my first mistake. When I repeated it, it surprised me. The third time it infuriated me.


Forget About It

I may get thrown off kilter, but you’ll never throw me off balance.

A little of this, a little of that, and alot of me

Excerpt . . . Day Dream . . .

…she was quiet but her thoughts were screaming. The outside world was serene; her inside world was whirling. No one heard her turmoil.

The only thing clear was the momentum of terror rushing through her blood. Could she quiet herself just long enough to hear the breeze? Hear the birds floating gracefully through the clouds? Oh, to be calm enough to hear the clouds form.

“Miss! Oh, miss!” She was suddenly thrust into reality . . . into NOW!
“Yes, sir, what is it?” she responded with surprise.
“Where are you?”
“Right here, sir. Right here!”
Little did he know she was nowhere to be found!

Excerpt . . . Day Dream . . .